Wolfner Library

Wolfner Library offers informational and recreational materials in braille, audio, and large print to Missourians who are unable to use standard print materials due to blindness, visual or physical impairment, or a reading disability. You can find out more information about Wolfner Library by visiting their website.

Individuals Applying for Services

If you are an individual applying for Wolfner Library services, please fill out the Individual Application. Please note that the application must be certified by a medical professional, social worker, rehabilitation teacher, librarian, or other certifying authority listed within the application. Librarians at Washington Public Library can certify the application.

Institutions Applying for Services

Institutions, such as hospitals and nursing homes, can apply to bring Wolfner Library services to qualifying individuals which they serve.  To apply for this service, please fill out the Institutional Application.

Schools Applying for Services

Wolfner Library also offers its services to schools with students who qualify for services.  To learn more, please explore the School Services page.  Schools will also need to fill out the Institutional Application. After a school is approved to provide Wolfner Library materials, the Student Listing Form must be filled out annually.